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  • Laurent

    Laurent Roger

    Startup founder (4x), investor (2x), and advisor (at least 8x).

    Next available on Sunday, August 28 at 8:30 AM 
    • Can help you with
    • Lean Startup
    • Digital marketing
    • Technical issues
    • Effectuation
  • M hfhdhp.png 1443392122

    Ridwan Ibrahim

    Next available on Sunday, August 28 at 2:30 PM 
    • Can help you with
    • Understanding data
    • Programmatic advertising
    • Conversion optimisation
    • SaaS/app growth
  • 368b44b.jpg 1443037310

    Christopher Vitalis

    Aficionado of Lean Startup and Funnel Optimisation techniques. I help people get more from less. Email marketing. Conversion. UX. Ever thought of a more holistic approach to doing business online?

    Next available on Monday, August 29 at 2:00 AM 
    • Can help you with
    • Copywriting
    • UX
    • Funnel Optimisation
    • Lead Generation
  • 11070949 10152708132512757 5246771754784180002 n.jpg 1433683205

    Joseph Ho

    Joseph's passion for SEO, E-Commerce, Wordpress is unparalleled. Founder of E-Alchemists, a fierce and focused digital marketing consultancy, he has his finger on the pulse of the ever-changing world of digital solutions, constantly innovating while staying service-oriented and customer-centric.

    Next available on Monday, August 29 at 3:00 AM 
    • Can help you with
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • E-Commerce
    • Online Presences
    • Website hosting & speed
  • Xgumnxba.jpg 1442648286

    Aurie Philipchuk

    Founder/advisor for 10+ years in marketing and management. Accredited investor, jack of all trades. Former senior prop trader, executive recruiter, recovery specialist. Huge fanboy of Blockchain, smart contracts, DAO, and crypto.

    Next available on Monday, August 29 at 7:00 AM 
    • Can help you with
    • Virtual Workforce
    • Human Resources Outsourcing
    • Business Process Management
    • Marketing Automation
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