• Sully



    Awesome guy. Honestly just wants to help out people and help connect the dots ;)

    I'm sending a few of my friends over to this guy, he's very resourceful and if you're half as happy as I was after the 30 minute skype sesh, you'll thank yourself for setting aside 30 mins.
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    Kevin Dewalt

    Beijing, China

    Thomas is one of those rare people who is insightful, fun, and incredibly generous. He successfully applies Lean Startup practices to his own business and helps entrepreneurs worldwide do the same. I regularly refer entrepreneurs to read his fantastic blog and to contact him for help.

    He has helped build my company - and he can help you as well.

More People I have helped

  • Flo
    Florian Champagne, San Francisco

    Thomas is a very well structured and goal oriented person. We had very constructive discussions. I definitively recommend Thomas as a person to trust and rely on.

  • Angela_demon
    Angela Demon, New York

    I wanted to start a community to help identify potential customers and create word-of-mouth. Thomas helped me figure out how I should start and grow this kind of project, sharing meaningful details and examples. He was very knowledgable and answered all my questions.

  • Edward_prince
    Shlomo Leiv, Tel Aviv

    Thomas is a passionate entrepreneur. His has a great ability to enthuse people around the world. Gave me clarity on things. Applied his community building methodology to my startup that made complete sense and gave me very practical advice to move forward with. Talk to him!

  • Max_johnson
    Arturo Olaya, Barcelona

    Thomas was very helpful in sorting through the clutter of ideas that comes with a new venture, and help focus on the most important details first. He is quick to absorb your ideas, and provides practical and actionable insights in order to grow a thriving community-centric business. Fantastic, thank you!

  • Satya_gupta
    Satya Gupta, Mumbai

    Thomas is an expert in pairing community management strategy with the lean startup principles. He was knowledgeable had some good fresh ideas and made us see our business in a new light. For anyone struggling with direction or needing an expert outside opinion I would highly recommend Thomas.

  • Julija_rusteikaite
    Julija Rusteikaite, Berlin

    Excellent conversation with Thomas. He was interested in understanding my project and providing appropriate advices. We even went over time on the conversation and I did not even realize it! I highly recommend you to schedule at call with him!

  • Laurent
    Laurent Roger, YEs ! Link with me

    My chat with Thomas help me to shape my presentation of www.yeslinkwith.me and find ways and tools to build my community around topics related to business contacts management. We exchanged also some useful links about Lean Startup, Effectuation and new exciting startups.

  • 0_n2b0mqywxbarhnm7ndnhmlpwghwpec47qdp8mlfzclg2vpffvob1c5unpmdidrj_bf53nca1g4bg?1390337980
    Aurangzeb "Zabe" Agha, San Francisco Bay Area

    It was great to have an opportunity to run my idea by Thomas for feedback. He was both candid in his view and also very open with the resources he had access to, openly willing to make introductions to others that might be interested in leveraging the new product I'm working on.

  • 0_r7izbnyxelbrofeptambbqyhe3_peerpyi0fbzdzbxbdva2yywrnjvmnq7igdsvraudqztxjpvlz?1391006538
    Shlomo Freund, China

    Understanding what Thomas does was really important for me, as I'm a community builder as well. Still, I think it needed a push and Thomas was the right person to speak with. He let me see my community on a broader scale and gave some great tips of how to grow it. Talk to Thomas if you want to grow your community!

  • 0_x9j4kpb8hpquyect0zvbkr6selatpfntjndbkanpbclliwt-1rdqolggqylyxhbyyzr6xnezkfkn?1391094234
    Alexandre Bourlier, France

    To transition from meeting prospects into signing contracts, Thomas advised I shoudl find a common issue my prospects are facing, and show them how to resolve it in one go, be it by organizing a meeting, through a video, a newsletter. I believe I will be able to apply this to the letter.

  • 0_v5_s-xz7urjgnoqyn835-qr02na394qyn3bl-qr71vvadyipn_pny67tgomov0zkrqtkj3lk_oax?1392150754
    Lydia Sugarman, San Francisco Bay Area

    Great conversation with Thomas helped me define a specific marketing strategy for blogpost topics. The suggestion to use the expanded Quora tools and Medium to build an audience is very valuable. We covered a lot of ground in 30 minutes. Very productive!

  • 0_tpexeqkh4dk0uleer4w8eb1w4afyuljepzyhebi4fi17ptahovspxcb998b8fg4kp0et5rjvqj8z?1392218746
    Gopi Mattel, San Francisco Bay Area

    Thanks Thomas. the ideas about reaching out via Quora and other forums was very helpful. Regards

  • Red_and_yellow_carrie
    Carrie Ballard, VESTRI OPTI

    Thomas helps us a lot by providing feedback on how well we are doing and how we can potentially improve. Did I mention he is absolutely great to talk with ?!

  • Seb
    Sebastien, Paris

    I strongly advise you to take part of Thomas Collaborative Startup lessons. It helps a lot to launch and grow your startup idea.

  • Avatar_2
    Jenny, Never North

    My call with Thomas was incredibly useful. I was able to walk away with a few key tweaks to my strategy that I believe will have maximum impact on results. I'm happy I took the plunge and set up this call because the insights I had from our discussion will help me build a better and stronger community from day one. I highly recommend setting up a call with Thomas about your community.

  • 0_ljrrctcmpgqrcbja0scfcrbbpkl0c-da1px7crhbit5agnoljrhpmknw-oa33zhjko-a4btt3h4o?1393324840
    S├ębastien Sacard, Lille Area, France

    Thomas great experience about communities and best practices enlightened the facts I knew about my community in a brand new way. I recommend talking to Thomas if you have the filling you have problems : he may show you that you actually don't !

  • Sos_p
    sospeterson thagicu, sospeterson arts

    Indeed you have kick-started my blogging experience. I did thought i can get all these help for so soon, that right now i have confidence taking baby-steps in blogging. Thank you so much.

  • 0_u1nht0zl8uk5gy8nac6btgfscy-wj0knmqcbtyklgu6sgub9hzqxfprxurtvy4lssrn9mr9rcq6r?1393880947
    Harrison Lo, Greater Los Angeles Area

    Thomas was a helpful guy who obviously had great insights and knowledge on building communities. It was a pleasure talking to him.

  • 0_iioqnzorq_nskhyytedmnrmf6b3cehmy3wojnrxujcz6bumo7dve4uivhdtdif7tghhzmy3lzara?1394161299
    New Svasti-Xuto, Bangkok Metropolitan Area, Thailand

    Thomas was incredibly helpful. Before talking to him I never thought about what an online communities can do to my business and my product. I run a business selling sweets use as gift for different occasion. I approach Thomas with a specific question on how to best harness voice of customer in my business facebook page. While, Thomas did not pinpoint the exact 1 "best" technique to do it, he gave me a thought pattern on how to think about using online communities to your advantage. What I take home from this call are two things. 1. People love to be heard. This makes the idea of co-creation more than possible for company who has an establish community. As a start-up, you should always tap in to this pool of customer advice. 2. Online engagement is create by a combination of "Push and Pull" activities. Push meaning you push in valuable message. Pull meaning you ask for feedback/interaction, allowing your community to feel that they are heard. I suggest anyone before launching or put serious effort in their online community to talk to Thomas beforehand. He is going to save you tons of time and offer you good thinking guidance on how to successfully engage with your fans.

  • Missing
    Simon D, UK

    Thomas was extremely helpful in his advice! He gave specific ideas about creating a community I had not considered, along with creating a good user experience, and an overall launch strategy. I'm very grateful to him. Thank you Thomas! Simon

  • 0_pl4fenf3cwkcj3xwtcdyez8dbf6sx3owyk2kez61ew-g85dikbhi6vtjmgqtp60bjtvabt4d3tzp?1394203826
    Ugo Nelson, London, United Kingdom

    As the app launch date approached, I became increasingly anxious about how to acquire users. Speaking to Thomas helped me take some things into consideration, and he provided some meaningful insight into how I can best reach the people that I needed to reach the most. Would recommend to anyone, anytime.

  • Profilepic
    Nick, Worldwide

    This was my first time using SoHelpful and Thomas did not disappoint. Our call began promptly at its scheduled time and Thomas immediately began to provide feedback. 30+ minutes later, the call ended with me feeling better about my own course of action and Thomas having provided solid, tangible value. Many thanks to Thomas for his time. And, to those in need of advice or simply a "sounding board", I recommend having a call with Thomas.

  • 0_z4fpd6r4jjmhfvzwbpt7dk_hxyelf9zwuy1_dk-z8uy8rtgimocr_xqnlro7uaqbqrlggihfwkp3?1395442926
    Justin Wilcox, San Francisco Bay Area

    Thomas is fantastically helpful! He answered my questions about building a community thoughtfully, and practically. He's genuine, sincere and I can highly recommend a conversation with him.

  • Missing
    Linda Walford, Vestri Opti, UK

    I recommend you speak to Thomas on all matters of a new startup - he has some great ideas.

  • 0_qom0ahyzmzucoknjxwe8awgquts9ocnjxes8ae0vkqm6z6_go2w1xowuvxddw5vabdu3oddnqwac?1397101296
    Kelvin Kwok, Toronto, Canada Area

    Thomas is very resourceful when it comes to advices to curating a community. He has given me great advice on how to create an effective crowd and in turn it will serve me well when building my business. Definitely would recommend Thomas!

  • Missing
    Vincent, KL

    Thanks Thomas for his great advice on growth hacking. Appreciate it very much. If you need help on your startup, I recommend you talking with Thomas.

  • 0_tm_ni-ochw806ozf-fcdikuv2dc0x4efr2bdilao1aifryxboeps5asxg5bhb0wipstex9r-jhpy?1397733497
    Manuel Da Costa, Digital Tonic / Manchester

    Thomas was extremely helpful in providing a step by step action plan in order to improve engagement in my group. Not random theories or thoughts but a precise action plan. This shows that he is really a brilliant resource for anyone looking at answering their challenges on growing a community! Thanks Thomas

  • 0_3y7szpaqq_lwcb2t_jdozx5sni94gxptixu-zxgow6gdj8i3szxt90nxzsn6tijshgspb4pa47ti?1397797232
    El┼╝bieta Bednarek, Shanghai City, China

    Running a startup, it is easy to forget about some of the basic startup principles in the day-to-day hassle. Thomas is a great person to talk to, when you feel your startup has got stuck and things are not moving forward as fast as they should. He always has good advice at hand and seems to know everything ;) Whatever is your problem, he'll help you find the way. Thanks Thomas!

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