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    Kevin Dewalt


    I originally first learned about Ramli and his work from reading his fantastic blog posts, http://ramlijohn.com/. He has now become a friend and a trusted colleague, one of the people in my inner circle of Lean Startup advisers I look to when I need perspective.

    Take the time to get help from Ramli - you'll be smarter and enriched.
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    New Svasti-Xuto

    Bangkok Metropolitan Area, Thailand

    Ramli was incredibly insightful. I approach him with the question of "when to do enough customer development". He walk me through the logic of creating a hypothesis, how to test it, and a different ways to get your idea validated.

    What I love the most about our call is that he reminded me that I am the CEO and it is my decision to go a certain direction, it is my something that I have to decide my self. This call has been more than useful for me.

    If anyone is thinking about doing a customer development, especially how to validate your product/service quickly, what is the purpose of your cust dev effort, I suggest you talk to Ramli beforehand.

More People I have helped

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    Violeta Nedkova, Rome Area, Italy

    Ramli has helped me so much! Just talking to him helped me find focus for my business. I usually want to go in every direction, but he grounded me and suggested some simple ways to test my "product". He's a real Lean guy. Listen to him, it'll make a huge difference!

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    Sharif Bouktila, Ireland

    Had a great session on Solhelpful.me with Ramli. He was superb at understanding where I am with my business and gave some excellent advice and tips on next steps. I will be scheduling another chat soon, if you need help grab a slot.

  • Jenn
    Jenn Neilson, Toronto, Canada

    I spoke to Ramli today about my upcoming crowdfunding campaign, and he had a number of helpful suggestions. If you are considering whether a crowdfunding campaign is the right choice for you, he can tell you more about the process of putting together a campaign, the time commitment required, and recommend some steps you should take if you decide to go ahead. I recommend speaking with him.

  • Casual
    Wilbert Liu, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

    Ramli was very helpful in giving advice about the best strategy to test startup idea, it's more "lean" than i thought. I would love to have another call with him, so what are you waiting for? Schedule a call with him, especially if you are a single founder like me.

  • Samantha_yuan
    Samantha Yuan, Toronto

    I originally met Ramli at a Lean Startup conference in SF. We kept in touch, and later Ramli gave me some really useful advice on Content Marketing, specifically for promoting my blog. Our chat definitely helped me adjust my strategy and made it more efficient. If you need help, I recommend talking with Ramli!!

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    Harrison Lo, Greater Los Angeles Area

    Ramli is a lean startup expert. He provided me a detailed direction on how to test my startup assumptions. He made everything clear and ready to go. Although I have read several lean startup books, I have still learned a lot from him. Thanks!

  • James
    James Barnby, Winnipeg

    Ramli offered some excellent advise on making my startup leaner in the early phases. He was very enthusiastic, helpful and inspirational. I highly recommend talking with this guy if you have any interest in entrepreneurship!

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    Nikhil Jagga, Kitchener, Canada Area

    Ramli was really helpful in helping me understand the concept of selling before spending time developing a product. He also gave me some great resources (blogs and stories) to help me move forward with my idea. I would recommend talking to Ramli if you want to know anything about Lean Startups.

  • Marlon
    Marlon Misra,

    Ramli provided amazing advice that was completely new to me. He understood the position I was in and give me useful and practical steps I could take. I can only recommend him!

  • Brandon
    Brandon, London, ON

    Ramli is very helpful when it comes to validating new ideas. Within a 15 minute conversation he had given me several different ways that would allow me to validate my idea, and potentially make money while doing it.

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    Joyce, Toronto

    Ramli has a keen interest in Lean Start-up. He provides invaluable insights to best practices. I have long been impressed by his dedication to entrepreneurship.

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    Till Carlos, Other

    Ramli is a sharp person. He clearly knows growth hacking. He lives it himself and he makes it easy for you to gain confidence in the process. He expanded the possibilities of my current business by just giving me actionable next steps to follow and sharpened my vision. Thanks!

  • 2977b9a
    Hassan Jalil, London, ON

    Ramli was very insightful. I spoke to him about my new start up idea and he gave me really interesting feedback. He advised me on how I can test my idea without writing a single line of code. He also walked me through the process of testing my idea before actually developing MVP. I highly recommend talking to Ramli.

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    Sanjay Tourani,

    Ramli was incredibly useful in providing advice on what exactly I should focus on with regard to a MVP. As somebody with a technical background, he understood fully well the temptation that an engineer like myself has when it comes to just building things, but he made me understand how coding/building the product is far from the being the most important thing when it comes to a MVP. I would highly recommend talking with Ramli if you have any questions about your startup, lean principles, MVP or just in general!

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    Richard, Comissioner.io

    The Commissioner.io team had a great chat with Ramli and speaking with him reinforced some of our thoughts and as well gave us a few things to think about. Hopefully we can meet up with Ramli in the near future, as we are residents of the GTA as well!!

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    Dave Ramos, Tokyo

    Ramli was incredibly helpful and generous with his time. Our chat helped identify new avenues to pursue as we work to launch our new product. I highly recommend taking Ramli up on his generous offer!

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    Kelvin Kwok, ThinkNation

    Ramli was great! He was incredibly helpful in giving insight to help me test out my product faster. I would recommend him to those who need advice with mvp or iterations.

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    Denis Gorbachev, Russian Federation

    Ramli provided a lot of useful and encouraging feedback, and also gave direct advice on what to do next. I'll definitely recommend Ramli to anyone seeking help with startup.

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