• Thomas

    Thomas Pichon

    Mintacy, San Francisco

    Mike has a lot of knowledge about Cust Dev and Lean. It was a great experience and helped us understand new ways of building innovation. Thanks for your time Mike!
  • Dustin

    Dustin Wiliams

    New York, NY

    If I have a mentor in this business it's Mike. When we first met, I was struggling to get something going but I was going about things in all the wrong ways. I had two failed projects under my belt and I couldn't afford to keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Mike has been kind enough to give me his guidance and his advice has catapulted me forward. I'm grateful to call him a friend and I couldn't recommend him more.

More People I have helped

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    Brandon Smits, Fort Wayne, Indiana Area

    Mike's help on customer development was extraordinary! He elucidated problems I hadn't even considered for my customers, and his responses were candid, thoughtful, and helpful. You can't go wrong with talking to Mike.

  • Paul
    Paul Rossano, New York, NY

    His knowledge on early stage financing options was extremely valuable!

  • Andrew
    Andrew Estreich, New York, NY

    Good conversationalist, very smart, and provides a lot of valuable tips on how to better network within the NYC start-up scene.

  • Missing
    Jonathan Malkin, Entrepreneur

    Mike was great. As a result of speaking with Mike I contacted Brad Feld who subsequently appeared with me on my blog

  • Toby
    Tobias Hoenisch, StudyPact

    Mike gave me a lot of information on financing options in the US and what investors look for in a startup. His feedback for my startup was constructive and motivating. I took away a lot of new ideas from our Skype talk. I highly recommend you talk to Mike!

  • Missing
    Simon D, London

    Mike's advice advice was super helpful, insightful, and hugely pragmatic. The devil is always in the detail and Mike was able to provide a deep dive into the specifics of what I could do to move to the next level. I'm very thankful to him!

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    Radenko Zec, Austria

    Mike was very helpful to me. In 20 minutes he pointed me to the solution for my every question. I highly recommend Mike as an excellent startup adviser. His answers are very logical and simple.

  • Missing
    Isaac Vigil, Near

    Mike was really helpful on giving me tips and ideas on how to validate my idea and customer segment validation.

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    Lee Schneider,

    Mike really knows the Kindle book world and is super generous with his knowledge. An experienced and talented writer, he not only has the chops to deliver a good book, but also the teaching skills to let others like me in on the process of creating, workflow, writing habits, and publication. I recommend talking with Mike about your book or book-to-be.

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    Andrei Ismail, Romania

    Mike was able to show me the obvious where I could not see it! He correctly directed me to a group of customers that is both easier to reach and more willing to give me early feedback. Much appreciated, will come back! :)

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    Steven Sherman, Ann Arbor, MI

    Very helpful on the topics of customer development and content marketing. Didn't mind doing a 'customer discovery' style interview which was helpful for the project I'm working on. Even shared his course on starting a Wordpress blog for free! Thanks again.

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    Spike Morelli, Spikelab.org

    Mike is a solid startup guy with a lot of practical experience building products from zero to profitable. He has a great command of Lean Startup, but what's most interesting to me is that he understands founder psychology and accounts for it in a startup journey.

  • Missing
    Renny, Philadelphia, PA

    Mike listened to what I was trying to accomplish and gave me excellent advice on the next steps I should take. He has a strong understanding of Lean Start up methodology.

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    rasvi, obtor.com

    Mike is a expert person to identify who is your potential customers. Worth to talk to him