• Bridget

    Bridget Griffin


    Kevin, you were incredibly helpful. It can be difficult to find a good, unbiased and nonjudgemental resource as an entrepreneur, so I truly appreciated the experience. I would highly suggest other entrepreneurs contact you. Happy to help spread the word!

    p.s. We got a couple of responses - thanks for tweeting about us! That was completely unexpected and really awesome of you.
  • Dean

    Dean Brauer

    London, England

    This is no marketing/PR stunt. Kevin's system (soHelpful.me) delivers value; setting up a call was frictionless and the 30 minutes you spend with him will deliver focus and actionable insights for your business.

    Great guy, great system!

More People I have helped

  • Jennifer white
    Jennifer White, Autonomy App

    Kevin, Thank you! I’ve owned a business contracting in social services since 1998. When I started creating APPs, I knew I would have to get stronger as a business woman. In just 30 minutes, I gained knowledge, identified focus, relaxed about next steps and enjoyed your style of wisdom and consulting! I’ll be back when I hit the next set of questions- you’re an invaluable resource.

  • Missing
    Mayer Seidman, Pittsburgh, PA

    Kevin was very helpful. It is truly amazing that he is willing to devote so much of his time towards helping others (and without self interest) Thanks so much Kevin!

  • 291049 10150830299005576 2026916227 o
    Mladen, Cologne, Germany

    Kevin, thank you very much for talking with me today. You helped me gain new insights and this is very inspiring and motivating. Hopefully some day I'll have the pleasure of meeting you in person. Wish you all the best!

  • Cdone148
    I.M. Lerner, Reston, VA

    Thanks Kevin! You were extremely helpful. Thanks for shaking my set of assumptions. It was such a pleasure to reconnect! Hope to see you again soon...

  • Missing
    Geoffrey, Tucson, AZ

    Kevin encouraged me to do the hard things that I was hoping to find an easier way out of, which sometimes I just need to hear, so I'm grateful for the conversation.

  • Image
    TiOluwa Olarewaju, Boston

    Kevin was very helpful. He has the patience of a friend with the much needed perspective of a stranger. Recommended..

  • Aravind
    Aravind R S, Askabt

    After talking to you and Justin, we realize we were approaching customer development blindly. Thanks a lot for helping us ask the right questions and setting us on the right path! p.s. We got a couple of responses - thanks for tweeting about us! That was completely unexpected and really awesome of you.

  • Drewaustin bigger
    Drew Austin, New York City

    Thanks Kevin for helping me today. It was a pleasure speaking with you. I am going to move forward with your suggestion of looking into the slicing the pice approach to division of equity in an early stage startup.

  • Pin300x e1358945385426
    Pin Wang, Beijing, China

    Kevin, thanks for meeting with me to give me startup advice. Was super helpful and I look forward to talking to you again soon!

  • Timheadshot small square2
    Tim Scott, Slotted

    Kevin was very helpful in giving me advice about my startup http://slotted.co. He immediately understood where I was coming from, and offered some excellent suggestions and encouragement.

  • 274550 100000797177040 1321554617 n e1353072439166
    Yung-chung Lin, Shanghai, China

    I want to thank Kevin for his mentoring on my own startup and introducing us at Chinaccelerator’s demo day. It was of great help!

  • Missing
    Abhinav Soni, India

    Kevin demonstrates every bit of it what he teaches as I discovered while in a 30 minutes call with him. He tries to understand your problem and carves out advice based on his experience. I have worked with few of the advisors before and can say Kevin is among the best; if you are a startup, I suggest giving Kevin a call.

  • Hugopinto
    Hugo Pinto, Sentimonitor

    Thank your for your remarks and recommendations regarding the building of an advisory board and the dangers of premature internationalization! I came out of our meeting with a better framework for assessing the process and merits of building an advisory board and expanding Sentimonitor, at this moment, outside the Brazilian borders.

  • 252156 10150338232242835 5089249 n
    Jeremy Privett, Orlando, FL

    Thanks for taking the time to chat with me today, Kevin. I greatly appreciate the insights you provided during our call and will gladly recommend you to any of my friends that I think you can help.

  • Sangeet
    Sangeet Paul Choudary, ParallelNet

    Kevin, thanks so much for your tine and interest in helping me! I really appreciate the fact that you took out time on a very busy day, and at short notice. Your advice was hugely valuable. If there’s anyway I can help going forward, please let me know. Thanks for the opportunity to connect and I look forward to staying in touch.

  • Rusty
    Rusty Klophaus, Alexandria, VA

    Kevin, great catching up with you earlier this week. You helped me identify some big blind spots. Also, thanks for the introduction to P. Glad to have you back in town, even if temporarily.

  • Missing
    Hubertus Wasmer,

    Thank you Kevin for the time today, soHelpfulme was incredibly easy to use and your insight was terrific. I would recommend that any entrepreneur needing advice give you a call.

  • Manjeet dadyala e1354772873436
    Manjeet Dadyala, Strategixt

    It was great to touch base with you at the Lean Startup Conference. Many thanks for the help, guidance, and recommendations that you provided about the concept I’m currently validating. I liked the approach that you suggested about me taking that stack of material that I have as a means to develop a deeper understanding of the postulated problem. It will help frame my CustDev tactics.

  • Seth peterson all you can arcade e1359681953524
    Seth Peterson, AllYou Can Arcade

    What a great resource for the start up community. Your feedback certainly helped focus our energies on the issues that matter. It’s nice that there is someone who is passionate enough about entrepreneurs to help out in this way. Thanks again and best of luck with your own adventures.

  • Missing
    SimonD, UK

    In just 30 minutes, Kevin provided me with some really great advice. He helped me focus on a few areas, had answers to all my questions, and pointed me in the right direction. He couldn't be more helpful and I really appreciated it.

  • Avatar qingdao
    Devin Zhang, Beijing, China

    Thank you, Kevin Dewalt, I just figured out what to do next with your help.

  • Joaqin e1358497375781
    Joaquin Llaneza, Madrid

    Hi Kevin! thanks for the chat and advise. It was nice to hear what you think about the two sided market problems.

  • Cesc vilanova
    Cesc Vilanova, Barcelona, Spain

    Thanks a lot for your advice Kevin. You helped me see some clear and valuable insights I wasn’t aware off

  • Shardul mehta e1353059867279
    Shardul Mehta, Washington, DC

    Hi Kevin. Thanks for the referrals. I’ve managed to connect with two of them, they’ve given me some valuable feedback, and one of them has further referred me to someone else taking my customer development viral coefficient another level deeper! (How cool is that?) You’re setting a great example in being helpful and in reciprocity. Keep up the great work! You da man!

  • Missing
    Anton Chan, Toronto, Ontario

    Kevin has a very positive attitude and he definitely has the spirit of a good mentor. He is very knowledgeable with the Customer Development Methodology. If you have any questions regarding Customer Development, "get out of the building" and talk to Kevin!

  • Steve brown
    Steve Brown, Alexandria, VA

    Great insight into product definition and market testing…very much appreciate the experienced advice.

  • Kirill
    Kirill Bigai, Preply.com

    Kevin, thank you for the meeting today! Really appreciated your help with Preply.com and insights. I’ll keep you updated with our progress. Thank you very much once again.

  • Missing
    Martín A Y, Entrepreneur, Mexico City

    Kevin has great enthusiasm and a strategic vision & passion to help others get their thoughts to the next level. He has in his hands a great product for entrepreneurs! Great information from the posts in his blog.

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    Leonardo Jimenez, Dominican Republic

    Kevin did surprise me with his experience and knowledge on the field, I did not know that thirty minutes where enough to gain a better insight of the product my startup is working on. He can be a pretty good advisor to anything you need.

  • Masha
    Masha Kubyshina, Ticketshuttle

    Kevin, Thank you so much for your time. It still amazes me that people as busy as you are find time to help others. Your help was priceless and your time more than appreciated. If I can be helpful to you anyhow in the future, just ask. Masha

  • Missing
    William Cosgrove, Rockville, MD

    I spoke to Kevin last week, and found myself continuously thinking about his perspective since then. Kevin was able to understand our business plan quickly and offer suggestions and help. I would recommend other entrepreneurs also do same.

  • Missing
    mark terry, near London

    It's almost always helpful to have somebody to talk to about your LSU approach. But if you can grab 30 minutes with Kevin, who is a real LSU practitioner then you can leave with actionable insights that are grounded in lean.

  • Abepic
    Abe Sorock, Beijing

    Kevin's experience allows him to filter through the noise of an early-stage startup and help guide you through the truly mission critical questions. It's incredibly generous that he takes the time to chat with entrepreneurs for free and I would recommend any startup team take him up on his kind offer. Thanks again Kevin!

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    Jamie Newland, London, United Kingdom

    The best advice is the simplest, made me look at the business from a different perspective and the need to answer some importnat questions! Thanks Kevin.

  • 0 r9mlmnlgkbhr f77tk2vmziox65lrea7tassmzkfriltfajfyrydcvx3oelmpsf azurnta0x2kl?1375036200
    Sandra Persing, San Francisco Bay Area

    Kevin offered me the opportunity to consider if my business has truly spent enough time and effort in the "discovery" stage. Our chat focused on going back to confirm the company's 3 key assumptions - this helped me to step back and see the big picture in our business strategy again. I found this help to be critical for a startup (or any!) CEO who often jumps into the trenches to help a budding business grow!

  • Missing
    Vivek Ponnaiyan, http://CoachAce.com

    Kevin provided me with stories of other entrepreneurs who were in a similar situation as I am now. It always helps to listen to the different methods they tried while in my situation. Talk to Kevin - you won't be disappointed.

  • Armand laughs
    Armand Patella, Hit Play Labs, LLC

    I emailed Kevin out of the blue and within twenty-four hours we were on the phone discussing a range of topics, ones that he was particularly well equipped to cover, at length. He gave sound advice, both in broad strokes and specifics. Before speaking with Kevin I was at a crossroads, his insights cleared a few things up for me. A seriously great guy and certainly someone I'll will continue to vet ideas with.

  • Face timi square
    Timi Siytangco, Singapore

    Kevin was the exact right person to speak with about my entrepreneurship questions. He had a combination o practical advice and inspirational talk that set me in the right direction. It was the most productive half-hour of my day and I hope I can connect with Kevin again as I continue on this journey. Tha m you!

  • Profile yahoo
    George Menezes, iPro Tecnologia - Ondde

    Thanks Kevin for your time and advices! It was a fantastic chat, very helpful to see what we need to do to get to our goals, and understand better our customers. Sure we're going to talk more in a near future!

  • 0 mbfano4gkf9erzutaf9anghytta5jnytui1lngmysflv6 w gtcg4jdkyulsslgy7klrmvionp0v?1374804986
    Janet Chang, San Francisco Bay Area

    Kevin was very helpful in pointing me to the right people in the China startup community to talk to about my startup project. During our chat, Kevin suggested about 4 resources and people in a matter of minutes. Overall, Kevin is incredibly connected in the startup community in China, and I would recommend speaking with Kevin if you are new to the startup community and need to get on some solid grounding.

  • Portrait
    Pine Du, Beijing, China

    Kevin and I met about both projects of ours. I got very honest and valuable feedbacks from him, and beyond that he was trying to understand what my intention was and what my plan is. Based on that he gave me very good suggestions about what can be enhanced shortly and what takes time. He definitely understands product, what it needs and provides, and how it can be developed over time, and what to do at what time. Definitely worth having a call with him about your product/business questions.

  • Avatar
    Mike Hughes, Gilbert, AZ

    My chat with Kevin was incredibly helpful. As a solo entrepreneur it is easy to get lost in your own mind. Having Kevin to validate ideas and give me good reasons to consider other ideas was priceless in helping me continue moving forward.

  • Avatar
    Bob Kinnison, Athletes Audio, Dallas, TX

    Thank you so much Kevin for the sounding board, connection, validation, generosity and humor. By ANY definition, Kevin is an amazing coach. I felt an instant warmth, I learned a lot, and it just plain felt good to have someone to hear me out. You're probably reading this thinking, 'I wonder if I should set up one of these chats'? Even if you don't have a really clear vision of what you want to talk about, DO IT. Set it up. You can't help but walk away from the exchange a better entrepreneur.

  • Diane
    Diana Cobbe, Outer Barcoo

    It was great speaking with you today, Kevin. Rich and I will use your valuable insights to complete the RFP process. You are doing a great service to fledgling startups like mine by offering your time and advice for free! You are the best kept secret around!!

  • Missing
    Prem Bhatia, Cooleaf

    Kevin is a great resource to bounce ideas off of and he was extremely helpful in providing some concrete, actionable steps we can take as we continue to grow our startup. I highly recommend him for new, growing, or more mature startups.

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    Mike Sutton, Granada Area, Spain

    I was stuck with my startup. Progress was slow, getting to talk to customers was hard! Then I spoke to Kevin and he totally identified with what I was going through. He made me feel better. He came up with a few ideas and pointers to help me get unstuck. Kevin certainly helped me and I have no doubt he can help anyone! Thanks Kevin.

  • 0 ncgmlbiodqhgkenpq1rolxgtwt7rtdzpq9w6llp3nbuhswgyvasv05ff5pffaoqrbqxbycsaaqxp?1373464317
    David Lam, Washington D.C. Metro Area

    Really appreciate your advice in giving me concrete goals, targets and steps for learning to code so that I can build my first MVP!

  • 0 sldzcmvaognwmuijfkafcrogectkudrjfbjfcvrpbxvnks2g3ijnms7 q73u4avau6iq4glvcihl?1373384269
    Sharif Bouktila, TableBookings.com

    My call with Kevin was great, an excellent opportunity to talk openly about my business and the challanges and thoughts I have on a daily basis. Having someone validate some of the things that I am doing right was also nice boost. Thanks Kevin!

  • 0 xgm9ldygwsevb2wzq s5leg1wodzvowzq8swlwsfnujeemy4exyvwij3bfsb9denl3uho2p1bcvc?1373628085
    Geetanjali Gupta, Chandigarh Area, India

    Most effective 30 minutes, Kevin was amazingly encouraging and discussing my business plan with him gave me a clearer direction & various suggestions to make it effective He gave me various heads up to be careful and to keep patience with. His signing of words will help me forever when i feel demotivated. Thanks Kevin, i admire you!

  • 0 ow uhbhlkwca5qooowtxhqmvrelg5looye61hqvlfwa szdetsg8qnmiog5j6n060ertfpxffmit?1373596890
    Ashley Bennett, Cleveland/Akron, Ohio Area

    Kevin was tremendously helpful in offering advice on idea validation, lean startup, and web development. He knows how to ask the right questions about your idea and target market to help you reach your goals. As a startup coach, he is very kind, knowledgeable and supportive. I highly recommend Kevin as a startup coach and mentor.

  • 0 dtjoymvalcdbkwg3dqxmy2qg5zret2p3wrdvydx3s9fssekt5nd6rskfwguvaitdhl0qlesfg6wk?1375903177
    Nahyan Chowdhury, Toronto, Canada Area

    A brief discussion with Kevin helped me gain clarity for the next steps of customer and product development for our software. He provided specific advice and insights. Besides the discussion itself, getting to it was super simple. Going through the sohelpful.me platform was a bonus lesson in how to easily manage new contacts/appointments etc.

  • Hnga8zht han4azuqwnv4apqritzmrvowsv7upuzk64 adrbmtogrvgrjfhrd prmkgilhvvtseahf ip2otf8o
    Mark Vaughn, GA, USA

    Me and my co-founder were a bit isolated with sparse feedback, but through finding Kevin and his product sohelpful.me we were able to get some important questions to prep us for our application for an Accelerator.

  • My face
    Colby, San Francisco

    I dig that Kevin looks at things from a builder's perspective. Sometimes it's too easy wrapped up in the bigger idea of what you're working on and you forget to pay attention to the details. Kevin can really help you look at the individual pieces and make sure you're executing in an optimal way.

  • 0 lpihripkmtp4 sys51hbre8xccesrjysbtcbrec7gbyefgwdwv1xvh9tu2o5pogtxk39qfrgkvjo?1368828851
    Hubert Iwaniuk, http://happyhacking.nl

    Free actionable advice delivered in friendly way. I'm a happy hacker and I approve it!

  • Toby
    Tobias Hoenisch, StudyPact

    Kevin gave me a lot of great advice for my startup StudyPact! His help is motivational and gives me some very good new pointers on where to take StudyPact next. Especially his advice on customer development. PS: great site!

  • Jason photo 150x150
    Jason Danner, Arrowrock - Auckland, New Zealand

    I had a great conversation with Kevin and he gave me some fantastic feedback on building an online audience! We did have a couple of Skype hiccups, but thankfully he persisted and we had a good chat about strategies for online networking.

  • 0 hiyz1hdyensevdbye xi1eoxepdebubyogef1wi8bzjzeh8oklmngixmqysbqwntdhyqp2jhb1pu?1368811182
    Raj Arora, Greater Boston Area

    Got great advice on finding a co-founder. Kevin pointed to resources that I never thought could be reached out. Not to mention that I could share other start-up related topics with Kevin, and received sincere suggestions from him. Glad that I found sohelpful.me, otherwise, I had no idea that so easily accessible resources like sohelpful.me exist. Keep up the great work, Kevin. I highly recommend reaching out to Kevin, if you need help on your start-up.

  • Hdphotoboothsquarenologo 1
    Jonathan Levi, Zadaqa

    Kevin made sure that we were on the right track with our Customer Development. It was invaluable (and really comforting) to have someone with so much experience verify that our heads were in the right place, and that we're doing things properly.

  • Su fixed
    Su Donghui, Beijing, China

    asked kevin’s opinion on how oversea companies view China market and how to find where I can help them. Kevin gave me some really hands on and helpful advices. I also had some confusions about how to deal with impatient. After the conversation, I felt so calm and confident. I really appreciate his generous and knowledge. I do recommend a help session with Kevin. Great help:)

  • Stuart kearney e1354902500350
    Stuart Kearney, Slant

    Thanks for the help today Kevin! Really appreciated your insights, looking forward to keeping you up to date with our progress.

  • Shuhrat
    Shuhrat Sharipov, Tajikistan

    Thank you very much for your insights and direction guidance. Looking forward to meet you again in near future and present my progress. Rahmat!!(tajik for thank you)

  • Zhibai
    Zhibai Han , Twibo, Beijing

    Kevin’s ‘Startup Help’ office hours are simply awesome. He gave us extremely useful feedback from perspectives both as a user and a seasoned entrepreneur. Another great part of his office hour is he can suggest or even connect you to more people you should talk to, or other startups that you should learn from.

  • Missing
    Muneeb Samuels, Cape Town

    It was great chatting to you. Thank you for the advice.

  • Ellen 20121115
    Ellen, CHOPEvent

    Thank you so much, Kevin. It was very helpful to speak to you about a two sided market problem. I also liked the motivational part, that you can very much understand the ups and downs of a start-up and motivated me to be more confident. For the next time, you may ask also some tough questions which could help me figure out where I have a weak point and need to work harder on a strategy. Overall, very helpful. Hope to speak to you again. Can't believe I got up so early for this call. ;)

  • Dave haeffner e1353063292903
    Dave Haeffner, Arrgyle

    You helped us realize a couple of key insights that have helped Jason & I gain clarity and focus. I wish we had talked sooner!

  • Michael michelini e1353075442332
    Michael Michelini, Social Agent

    Kevin is amazing! Have been lucky enough to listen to his speeches on lean methodology in Shanghai, get mentoring help from him in Dalian while in Chinaccelerator, and have a 1 on 1 with him in Beijing! He gives you real feedback, and forces you to FOCUS ON THE CUSTOMER DEVELOPMENT, which so many startups forget. thanks Kevin!

  • 64842 566042286838 1345219174 n
    Abhinav Krishna, MyFitnessWallet

    Kevin helped me in the area of customer development. He sat down with me to understand my product and helped me understand the early adopters for my product. The process helped me a lot to target a certain group of people rather than approaching anyone and anybody.

  • Missing
    Yong Huang, Seattle, WA

    Kevin is insightful and to the point! One key takeaway for me is to examine my assumptions by talking to potential customer and partners. It is so helpful indeed!

  • Frido %281%29
    Frido van Driem, ZEEF - The Netherlands

    Kevin asked the right questions to help define the core problem my product should solve and to think outside of the box. Great session! Thanks Kevin!

  • Photo nunodelicado 400x400
    Nuno Delicado, Singapore

    Thanks so much for your generous availability and positive mindset, Kevin! I was really impressed by how you prepared specifically for our conversation. You brought simple but critical questions to my awareness and really helped organize my thoughts. Thanks!

  • Michaelca4698cf16be51c34bc6dab478e82e07 e1359682419728
    Michael Dijkstra, Storyberg

    Thanks for the chat today Kevin. It was nice to bounce some of my ideas off you and know we’re heading in the right direction. Also, thanks for the great feedback on customer discovery tactics – It’s time for us to talk to more customers!

  • Nishanth
    Nishanth, Doctree

    We have been speaking to a lot of mentors, and it was very nice to talk to you upfront as you understood the health tech industry. It gave us a lot of confidence to be "validated" by someone who has gone through the process before - it was precisely what we were looking for at that point.

  • Sholmo freund e1353378188913
    Shlomo Freund, Startup Noodle

    Hey Kevin, Thank you for the help , it was a VERY insightful conversation!

  • Missing
    Alex Shoer, Seeder

    Kevin–Great to talk to you today. Awesome suggestions as well as insights from other entrepreneurs. Hope to schedule another call soon.

  • Photome
    Odeh Quraan, Palestine

    Kevin is an absolutely great guy, 5 min before our session, the internet connection was down! He called me on the phone! I know, it doesn't happen a lot. He's an expert in customer development and user validation. He saved me a lot of hassle by providing amazing advice. Thanks Kevin :)

  • Hugo castro
    Hugo Castro , Portugal

    Although you don’t have any expertise in shipping/logistics you’re insights about focusing on a smaller population and features were helpfull but the thing I liked the most was to gift e-cards to ask ex-employees from competitors to disclose what did they do wrong. That’s what separate europeans from americans, a hacking mentality. Really looking forward to the next meeeting.

  • Profile1
    David Kiss, Glass-On-Me

    Thanks for your time, Kevin! It was great to talk to someone who has been through all the problems we’re currently facing with glasson.me and I appreciate your feedback and suggestions on how we could take it to the next level. That was the best spent 30 minutes in my startup-career. Your advice was hugely valuable. If there’s anyway I can help going forward, please let me know. Thanks for the opportunity to connect and I look forward to staying in touch.

  • Aayush
    Aayush Iyer, piq, Boulder

    Extremely helpful, led us on the right track just a few minutes into the call.

  • Missing
    Nik van der Ploeg, Duable Chinese

    Super helpful!

  • Sufi
    Sufi Sheikhey, Cookable

    Very Humbling to have met a really genuine and helpful person in Kevin today. He gave me both a sense of focus and direction with an idea I was playing with, amongst the utter chaos. Kevin’s conversation was very casual and comfortable, so don’t be afraid to ask for help, he is very approachable. I’ll be back after I start my marathon that is customer interviews, wish me luck!

  • Profile
    Sami Ben Hassine, thefabulous.co

    A great meeting! As I started the call and was still absorbing the fact that I’m getting some valuable advice for free, Kevin asked me to introduce my startup, and in an instant, he pinpointed all the problems that I could encounter, all the points that I have to improve, and gave me a clear direct path for the months to come. All the time while inquiring if this was helpful for me. Kevin, thank you so much!

  • Me small
    Michael Issa, Quipu www.quipuapps.com

    Even before I got online with Kevin, his feedback ended up on the Quipuapps site - You can now book an online demo with me over skype.

  • Ryan
    Ryan Tarzy, Babee Play

    Kevin, as always, talking to you was very helpful. It's given us encouragement that we are on the right track. More importantly, you got us to think seriously about not being in such a hurry and to take the step to learn to program ourselves. I'm learning Python/Django on Code Academy and Yvette is learning HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

  • Cropped old style me linkedin nov 12 qub
    Dr. Dolan F. Byrne, Dynamic Academics

    Big thanks Kevin. The conversation with you helped me to see my options from a realistic perspective. I feel compelled to get on with what I know I should... get out of the building and talk to those customers who are mostly likely to pay for what I am offering.

  • Thomas
    Thomas Pichon, LocalsCanHelp. San Francisco, CA

    Nice talk with Kevin. He understood very quickly what is the problem we want to solve and the solution we are thinking. His advices were relevant. He helped us to know better on which part of the Customer Development we should focus now. I highly recommand a call with him if you are launching your startup / have an idea! Thanks again Kevin.

  • Missing

    Kevin's concept is great! Not only was he super helpful, but it was encouraging to hear from a fellow entrepreneur that we were doing the right things. I think soHelpful.me has some great potential to make getting trusted advice and insights far easier than we do today and would likely use it again in the future.

  • Large shanehvizdzak
    Shane Hvizdzak, Helpified.com

    Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me and follow up multiple times, Kevin! Being inundated with my site on a daily basis, it was amazing to have someone like you break everything down, and give me real feedback, especially on some points where I was struggling.

  • Jake jacob profile pic
    Jacob Creech, Shanghai, China

    Thanks a bunch for the feedback Kevin. It's incredibly helpful to be able to get that outside view on things; it's so easy to get caught up in the weeds otherwise. I've got a great few next steps now, and really looking forward to getting out of the building and talking to some real people. Cheers!

  • Missing
    Noah G.,

    Kevin is super smart, helpful and a great listener. He provided unique insight and was not afraid to say things which might upset the apple cart a bit. That he cares is clear. Sohelpful.me is a great concept and I think Kevin is doing a great thing to provide a very helpful service to the masses. +1 for Kevin!

  • Prabu profile
    Prabu Rajasekaran, Chennai, India

    Asking the right questions is key to successful startups and Kevin is a master of them. A warm and friendly person, he sets you in the right direction by asking you the right questions and saves you a ton of time.

  • Fred jabbour e1354920373232
    Fred Jabbour, Spotsetter

    Kevin, thanks for the great advice this week! Let me know the next time you’re in town again.

  • Zs square
    Zeljko Svedic, Zagreb, Croatia

    Kevin was really helpful with developing our new business idea; he advised that our current plan will probably not work and he suggested alternative ways to do customer development. Thanks Kevin!

  • Image
    Matias Hernandez Van Waes, Nadielabs

    It has been great to talk to Kevin. He really helped me improving my customer discovery inphographic and putted me in contact with 3 other great entrepreneurs to talk to!. Thank you Kevin.

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan Malkin, Tambem Consulting

    Thanks Kevin. Appreciate the insight into using VA's and in taking the next steps in my business.

  • Juan
    Juan Jose Figueiras, Buenos Aires

    Thank you for your help! our talk was encouraging and clarifying. You helped me to review fundamental aspects about to launch a new venture. In a calm but accurate and practical way, you helped me thought about the real aspects of my ideas in the real world. Customer development first and lean startup guidelines. Thank you!

  • Batesmethodpractitioner
    David Hestrin, The Cure For Blur

    Kevin inspired me to finally take the next step with my business and put things in perspective that made me feel a lot better about where I was. He also gave me specific information for tools I could use. Highly recommended.

  • John2 square
    John Ginsberg, PushCart.io

    In less than 15 minutes, Kevin gave me three very powerful ideas that I'm confident will have a marked impact on my business ventures going forward.

  • Missing
    Steve Lionais, Ledger.io - Vancouver

    I really enjoyed my chat with Kevin - we even went over out allotted time because there was so much to talk about! It was great to be able to speak to another entrepreneur who's gone through the same challenges I'm having seeking product/market fit for my venture. Kevin was able to share some experiences that were really relevant to my own challenges and helped me come up with new ways of answering those tough lean startup questions. Not only that he introduced me to some of his own Lean Starup contacts and that's hugely valuable. Thanks Kevin!

  • Missing
    Jeremy Lu, Taipei

    Kevin's suggestion on getting to know the problem better before building anything was a head-on, saved me a ton of time and cost, can't recommend him as a advisor enough.

  • Missing
    Remi, Singapore

    It was great chatting with Kevin! He gave me relevant and useful advice about the types of questions to ask customers. He was also very supportive - if you're facing difficulty, Kevin's a great help.

  • Morten oktoberfest
    Morten Lundsby Jensen, San Francisco, CA

    Kevin gave me very valuable feedback on my customer development plan, pointed out a few key weaknesses and gave me new ideas on how to approach the early customers I need to talk to. An extremely efficient and helpful 30 minutes!

  • Missing
    Talal Ahmad, Tenhive

    Kevin was really helpful in providing me invaluable advice about my start up. I especially liked his ideas on how to experiment with different channels to gain initial traction.I plan to schedule another session with him quite soon. I think its always better to talk to Entrepreneurs are experienced and have tasted success as well as failure. Thanks again Kevin!

  • Missing
    Evan Buckman, Connecticut

    It was great talking with you. The meeting was very easy to set up and your feedback was helpful.

  • Pic small
    Masoud, Iran

    Kevin helped me patiently and answered all of my questions. He especially helped me how I should go through Customer Development. I definitely recommend him.

  • 0 5j73 m39nymz3xrzfput dtjnvyctxtzfouy daow0efy8nvd0xdds5xznohgi8jkvs0ue owiey?1379611710
    Brandon Smits, Fort Wayne, Indiana Area

    Kevin's advice about how to cope with challenges in startup life were extremely helpful, I'd recommend letting him help you too!

  • Photo
    Jelena, intersection.ch

    It was a big pleasure to speak with Kevin. He understood immediately my start-up challenges and gave me extremely useful advices how to improve the visibility of my business. If you want to build a business and you need intelligent insights and advices, do not hesitate to contact Kevin!

  • Missing

    Kevin was extremely helpful and was keen to know my problems. He helped me with the specifics and helped to find the disconnects by asking questions to really pinned down to a couple of points. I would definitely reach out to him in future. Highly recommended.

  • Bianca
    Bianca, Italy

    Kevin was really great in helping me clarify my thoughts around how to proceed in my startup. He highlighted some of the problems with the direction I was thinking of, and made a great suggestion of a better approach for a Lean Startup. Definitely recommend chatting with him if you need help.

  • Missing
    Alberto Peralta, Madrid, Spain

    Kevin confirmed some of the issues Lean Startup practitioners have in the US and elsewhere. Today we are a relative few but with guides like Kevin I believe we can really make a difference in our communities. Thanks for the great ideas and contacts, Kevin.

  • 0 t ic9yg3wkbm42e13g2k9jymdb zsoi1ik0e9pdy9c6e5mppd5rrzymkfdtbjdo088ddju1p05oy?1381411694
    Ndumiso Khoza, South Africa

    I have been uncertain and doubtful about my startup direction and future for a while now. Kevin not only helped me see value in focusing on my long term vision but immensely helped alleviate my fears and anxiety. Its great to have people like Kevin taking their time to listen and offer words of encouragement and wisdom to people like myself, all the way in South Africa. He is doing a great job that needs to be commended and applauded. I would recommend him to anyone new and struggling in entrepreneurship.

  • 0 je55f vl3sofiy kbmfsfhzetmr3wz krslvf3jvyyfrnpnxvuvwttsq7cu0hxce4wbuhqfinch3?1381463410
    Chris Lee, Greater Seattle Area

    Kevin was very helpful in providing me a valuable insight on my startup roadblock. He took the time and discuss ways I can improve my game plan so I can move that needle. I highly recommend talking with Kevin.

  • Profile picture
    Vivienne, Granuaile Limited

    Kevin was excellent in providing a sounding board to help me feel that I was on track and heading in the right direction. I recommend talking with Kevin.

  • Missing
    Megan, GroundWork BJJ

    Entrepreneurship can be a rough and lonely ride. Talking to Kevin and hearing that I was on the right track was incredibly uplifting and just the push I needed. His additional advice gave me clearer direction that will last me years.

  • E51c00df1bef83a9677fdce2f3482848
    Chien Cong NGUYEN, Parlayz

    Kevin was super helpful and confirmed that I should follow my guts on certain visions. Our chat helped me to keep doing what I'm doing without being stubborn and short-sighted. He also can make introductions to people that might help you. I recommend having a conversation with this awesome guy!

  • 0 fdcxepidcmcvejuxddvceyvbcwnoeyuxs7iueywcgdcvb4uk ifhxojjuq9ziushaazv5jrpfk95?1382013209
    Jovica Ilic, Serbia

    I must say that I'm really impressed! Kevin gave me some great tips about developing my startup. He's a great guy who knows what he's talking about. It was a real pleasure to talk to him. I would highly recommend other entrepreneurs contact Kevin.

  • Mason klement  hangzhou
    Mason Klement, Hangzhou, China

    Kevin was great in helping me take a step back and better understand the timeline in which to develop my startup. For example, don't look for co-founders, investors etc until you truly test your problem and solution on your own. I highly recommend anyone speak with Kevin who is looking for solid, experienced advice on starting and running a business.

  • 0 m5umgfsyz1pg9i82rbslg5s ncd3nla2rczagkrawqjawt6uz yc1x7hsxwozgrhzqmktidnzpsj?1383008150
    Thomas O'Brien, Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area

    Kevin is great at generating solid direction in a short conversation. He gave me easy to work with advice on lean startups and my sohelpful profile as well as providing some very useful referrals. Don't miss out on a chance to talk with Kevin!

  • Me
    Wilbert Liu, Indonesia

    Kevin is a detail person that looks at the hole that i have as a first time entrepreneur. His advice was so helpful for me to find what is missing and what is wrong in my approach to ground the startup to earth. Now, i know what to do and what to fight on the next step of my startup life. I really recommend talking with Kevin about your startup, and you will never regret!

  • Face shot 4
    Michael Lisovetsky, BuilderBuzz

    Kevin provided extensive insight into how I could guide my business into the right direction using Lean Startup principles. If you've hit a wall and need honest, thoughtful advice, I'd highly recommend reaching out to Kevin.

  • Missing
    Manish, London

    Kevin's advice service is fantastic and very useful. Our conversation helped me for a forthcoming meeting in determining how i should position myself. I would highly recommend talking to Kevin for any business advice.

  • Profile pic
    Deborah Chang, New York, NY

    It is clear that Kevin cares deeply about helping entrepreneurs. He asked insightful questions and connected me with other helpful resources. I look forward to continuing to seek Kevin's advice.

  • Missing
    Justin Mares,

    Kevin was super helpful in giving me feedback on some ideas I'm looking at, and giving me an actionable plan to start testing them. Plus, he's a super nice guy that was great to chat with.

  • Maik cube %281%29
    Maik, Bike Parts Market

    Kevin helped me see the bigger picture and ask the right questions about my startup. Very helpful!

  • 0  homp ybcptjffaitemgplyrc nt53airdoaplglhn8cs56 yaactadij0qs66rf1ipk19 kfdja?1384437360
    Bruce Garro, Boston

    Kevin offered great insights on "selling". Though I'm a full-time coder, I've been looking for opportunities to expand non-technical entrepreneurial skills outside of coding, and he helpfully pointed to writing as a critical skill that informs all facets of salesmanship.

  • 0 8geyky2y4af4riq a54dko7azlrujlc c8y3k0aobnxe6tht2xstoxsrn0k5sg9ot3e8xzrc tg1?1384499043
    Rosemary Breen, Melbourne Area, Australia

    Kevin, you were helpful in showing me that there is such a thing as asking too early. Im sure I didnt even come close to tapping the depths of your knowledge and it wasnt just because of our mindfulness of the time. If I was further down the track with my startup development, my agenda for our meeting would have been different, of course, and I would have drilled down further into your knowledge and experience. Thank you for the opportunity to connect and I hope one day we will share a bottle of good Aussie red together. All the best!

  • 0 ican on m0efty9mdlpb elomm75tybmwvli wv3l0uvs4kjba3zdd3f8nfsauqvoq1euawhcerx?1384864820
    Denis Gorbachev, Russian Federation

    Kevin gave insightful advice on startup building and cheered up my spirits. It has been very helpful to speak to him.

  • 0 r84qr dhwgh0bmr3rczirhfhikumude3mg2wrhdkqt7xkwgtbqh4v8gylork4owdv voqbrz7lgf?1385074418
    Andy Parkinson, Greater Los Angeles Area

    Kevin was great at helping me figure out how customer development can work for consulting-type business models. He also graciously referred me to a couple people to get the process started. I highly recommend a 30 minute chat with Kevin.

  • Missing
    eric graham, guerrilla language

    Kevin shared some really valuable insights, and is particularly knowledgeable about my industry area, so in a short time lots of helpful information came through. Also, his current ideas for internet marketing are compelling and I'm going to try them out.

  • Missing
    Matt Thazhmon, Greater Boston Area

    Was very helpful doing customer development with Kevin. He provided lots of good insight and feedback as a potential customer! Also good ideas on future folks to do customer development with.

  • Photo
    Bartosz Malutko, Berlin, Germany

    I’ve seen Kevin at some startup events and I can say for sure that he is really passionate about helping entrepreneurs by sharing his experience and network. I’m very happy to be able to use SoHelpful.me to learn from Kevin. On our first hangout I got a lot of great feedback regarding what should my next steps be with regards to the concept I'm working on. Thanks Kevin!

  • 0  fjjc 7sjrzgsh6c xomcls8jya14 bcrhdcclpr6mlgff8by3da2aeoc lduknr1xris9mxf0db?1386260234
    Matias Forbord, Thankivity

    Kevin gave me great critique of my current pitch, and helped me with my sales mindset. It was so helpful I want to do more than just write this recommendation.

  • Image
    Morgan Wright, CSI, LLC

    I have unique solution I am working on. Kevin was able to quickly understand my issues, and made several suggestions to improve my customer development and MVP. His breadth of knowledge was invaluable. Kevin is a great sanity check!

  • 0 ourblb4z8wnffuw4yiaelzvzuo8afoo4yaxhlqebpuno4sjztehuwnowcfhakjiq07 wopqaaw g?1387246901
    Gabriel Stein, Sacramento, California

    On our first call, Kevin was able to cut through my mental chatter and focus on what will create results in my business as I develop it! Just go ahead and set up the call with Kevin! The value is huge!

  • Missing
    Nazerke, Italy

    Thanks Kevin, you gave us excellent and valuable insights. We recommend a lot to do and implement all things that Kevin told immediately.

  • 0 in1uqziy77qqavsz3cheqrakfa3clxsztbfxqr1hriz6mrs47kibhuba38td zungva5wy32 llz?1387285711
    Ali Tehrani, London

    I would definitely recommend talking with Kevin. He is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable and will help you improve your customer development approach.

  • 13 weeks 2 days   15may12   compressed
    Jen Mendez, Permacation: A Lifetime of Learning

    Here I was, at a loss about how to best proceed efficiently and effectively to maximize my effort and time. Talking with Kevin was incredibly helpful. He asked pertinent questions that caused me to think critically. He is, of course, knowledgeable, but the true worth of our conversation is that he helped me discover and trust my own insight into the business and my customers. He helped me out of the fog and now I have a clear vision about how to proceed. Whether you are years into a Lean Startup or just beginning a business like I am, Kevin is an invaluable resource. Reach out and schedule a time to talk with him today!

  • 0 uti7lyqhqf9ey8oqmkmkl06tq2reyqxqm90rl0xjiexstgenhnr wxk1v3kvjty4sldlozvhphjl?1388710420
    Leow Johnathan, Singapore

    The 30mins of my early morning was the most well-spent with Kevin! Being very new to doing customer development interviews at my startup, he asked clarifying questions that dug deep into what we were actually trying to validate. His affirmation about the actionable steps we could take was very reassuring too. I will definitely recommend Kevin as your sounding board,supporter,and more importantly, a great friend to your business!

  • Missing
    Michael Isaac, zic bros coffee

    Our talk was just what I needed to help me outline my next steps. I don't think I will be getting much sleep tonight. :)

  • 0 lwfcftsd9snafqucaeagfrsrnil 5ldc1erjfrpwwa5gstvbjs0mwkebs5ad6g2rkedyhbger3v4?1389102665
    ankit rawat, Jaipur Area, India

    Kevin shared some valuable advice on our company's business development strategy and also on start-up funding. He is a great person to talk to, motivating and "sohelpful".

  • Missing
    Jason Allen, Crowdini.com

    What I particularly enjoyed was Kevin listened and responded to each question and comment. There was no preconceived agenda. I found great value out of the conversation and it gave me a more targeted avenue to pursue. I would like to chat with him again once we are approaching our next hurdle.

  • 0 3rnhnpa7g6qny0glibqcnxpscirmy0pl tcbnxi g6xw uias9qxv0bpuskq04jgh1n9u4gemk a?1389923392
    Anthony Wong, Toronto, Canada Area

    Kevin was a great resource about Lean Startups, Customer Development, and also email marketing techniques. Kevin is extremely knowledgeable and I implore entrepreneurs to use him as a resource with their startup.

  • 0 x9j4kpb8hpquyect0zvbkr6selatpfntjndbkanpbclliwt 1rdqolggqylyxhbyyzr6xnezkfkn?1390491443
    Alexandre Bourlier, France

    Kevin helped me figuring out what the next step is in my customer development process. So Helpful! as I wasn't sure where to go.

  • Image
    Jhun Boon, Singapore

    Being an entrepreneurial when everyone around you are bankers and consultants is not easy, especially if you're a scholar in Singapore and you are encouraged to take the "safe" road. Kevin not only listened patiently but encouraged me to take specific baby steps towards my idea. Although I never met him before, he came across as one of the most genuine and helpful person I've met. I will definitely catch up with him again with my progress

  • 0 9r8jgitaajwkkjxnnbheg83pasogkjqnntnqg88aamos7gi9s9kzuhqhh yc1ozsc1cfdfy cgxw?1390886174
    Ying Chen, Canton, New York

    I heard of Kevin from another member of SoHelpful.com. He is very helpful, because he introduced a lot of people who are quite authoritative or experienced in the industry, Beside everything else, I think what he said about "No more ideas, just do it" is quite motivational.

  • 0 u1nht0zl8uk5gy8nac6btgfscy wj0knmqcbtyklgu6sgub9hzqxfprxurtvy4lssrn9mr9rcq6r?1390886762
    Harrison Lo, Greater Los Angeles Area

    Kevin gave me clear guidance on how I should proceed to my next step. He reminded me several concepts in The Lean Startup that I forgot to focus on. His insights in the startup world also helped me realize certain trends. I thank him for his help, although his thinks he didn't help me much. He did.

  • 31d77ce
    Arun Meyyappan, Dallas, TX

    I'm in the process of building a product for small businesses. My chat with Kevin helped me figure out various methods to reach my customers. His experience and wealth of knowledge gave me a different perspective on my start-up. Thanks you Kevin!

  • 0 5p24iifaiyxmrm64fnfiie1xixurke94ft4bie3aqszi723zdvpqshvhla2x17cqkka62fpsgnbp?1391540791
    Alline Oliveira, Greater San Diego Area

    Kevin is a Pro! Brilliant mind, with a lot of experience and a great heart to help people. Truly recommend!

  • 0 hacsudxa7baopvdueb6duw8a7cehypzuepiluw6akxy4tz72kcfnzit0t7hcjrm8d zkn2qanrgx?1391690898
    Rafal Dylewski, IQSport Advisory Group

    Kevin helped me better understand the principles of Customer Development process. There is a lot of good resources about that, but Kevin and his work makes it a lot easier to eventually start doing it in a proper way.

  • Missing
    Mun Yew, TapTalents, Singapore

    Kevin was just brilliant. Our chat certainly identified various ways I could consider to improve my business. Highly recommended for all start-up founders to have chat with Kevin!

  • 0 iioqnzorq nskhyytedmnrmf6b3cehmy3wojnrxujcz6bumo7dve4uivhdtdif7tghhzmy3lzara?1392127292
    New Svasti-Xuto, Bangkok Metropolitan Area, Thailand

    Kevin was incredibly insightful. I approach Kevin because I could not figure out whether I am focusing my time on the right effort, as to whether I should continue doing customer development or focus on other effort such as prepare for scaling. I had no idea...... What I took home from the call is that customer development is a never ending process. Kevin went further by telling me how I can make the most of my customer interview. Particularly, he mentioned "write down some of the emotion words they say, what ever they say and test those word". As anyone know, scheduling interview is not easy. I suggest talking to Kevin before any cust dev. effort so that you can grab the most out of it.

  • Missing
    Adir Kol, PhotoMania

    Kevin immediately recognized the problems I faced with and I felt I was talking with someone who understands me. Beside that, he has great tips for any entrepreneur. thanks.

  • Missing
    Ivan, Playa del Carmen, Mex

    Kevin was incredibly useful in providing advice on our internet startup.If you need help. I recommend talking with Kevin. Cheers!

  • 0 oei5xzeo67niwdask2onxbdfxdciie7sys0vxbsrr2n qazvturwecazobgjesmn0wduirhen ps?1392797754
    Till Carlos, Other

    Through Kevin's platform I got about 20 valuable contacts and helped the same number of people with their business. Some even became friends. Every time I email Kevin for support and improvements of the platform I get feedback almost instantly. Kevin himself was a game-changer for me. His advice on how to help people got my blogging and videos right and was the start of a major mindset-shift towards being helpful. A thousand thanks!

  • Missing
    Paul Gerken, WineFamily, Singapore

    I've only heard one presentation and had one phone call with Kevin, but already learnt so much. Kevin is open and approachable, with useful, tangible advice that you can implement. I would highly advise you seek his advice. :)

  • Rameez hoque
    Rameez Hoque, Slapdab

    Kevin really showed me that 30 mins of meaningful advice can actually make a big difference. He cleared a lot of things that I was confused about in terms of my target persona and customer development. I really cannot say enough on how great sohelpful is to an entrepreneur like myself, a brilliant way for us to find advice out there.

  • 1000386 626341724716 1786364018 n
    Wayne Pugh, Arlington, VA

    I just had a great conversation with Kevin. He gave me some excellent advice on how to improve my product and move forward. I highly recommend speaking with Kevin if you're looking for help with your startup.

  • Missing
    Chris, KeepTrackr

    Kevin pinpointed quite a few areas that needed focus in our strategy and was very direct and helpful throughout. He also provided a number of useful contacts. I recommend both Kevin and the SoHelpful service.

  • Missing
    Jordan Burton, San Francisco, CA

    Kevin offered sage advice and very valuable (and direct) feedback on my concepts. Thanks for providing a great deal of value so quickly!

  • Andy %282%29
    Andy, Omaha, NE

    Within 5 minutes of the call, Kevin was giving candid and extremely constructive advice for my startup. He has a ton of knowledge to share and genuinely takes pride and pleasure in being SoHelpful

  • 0 527sxeyj91uq6glffad xodmnpeu6xrffdu xiuwwnywj8f7doxtaw4bzjhk5iaikfspkuyduakq?1394796454
    Ahson Wardak, Washington D.C. Metro Area

    Kevin was incredibly useful in providing advice on how to take a lean startup mindset at a non-conventional market space. Our chat helped me pinpoint ways to find out my customers' needs quickly, before I invest too much time in that space. If you need help, I recommend talking with Kevin. He's someone that I trust in this space and have known for years...

  • 0 t8jl9vjjkk5hzemxtcav9mu3xt 4cumxfxds9mu3rcbhhhm0dqddzj4fodifnw7p8 0rjoty58y3?1394982329
    Michael Gasiorek, Shanghai City, China

    Writing Kevin a quick recommendation is a challenge - because each week since our first chat he has added even more value to our thinking and our business. Kevin helped us articulate our vision, refine our customer profiles, and begin creating helpful content. Kevin is a committed visionary building a legacy on helping entrepreneurs like us. We gained clarity from his mentorship, and so will you.

  • Arnaud
    Arnaud Schenk, China

    Kevin provided valuable insights based on his past experiences. More importantly, he listened and helped me see some big issues under a different light. It was a no bullshit talk, which I really appreciated.

  • Missing
    David Cristello, Jetpack Workflow

    Chatting with Kevin was a fantastic experience- really focused me in on the few key elements inside my business I should be working- great call!

  • Sachin
    Sachin Sharma, Pixsume

    Within first few minutes of my call with Kevin, I identified actionable next steps on customer development. There are lot of people who talks about lean startups.. at least in theory. Kevin is among very few who has practiced these concepts. Thanks again Kevin.

  • Profile pic2
    Bart van de Kooij, Hacking Planning

    Kevin is a phenomenal in identifying the core of a problem and a great guy to talk with. Kevin's high energy and positive attitude were a tremendous assets for our chat. He helped me to keep believing in my vision and introduced me to other incredible smart people. I would love to talk again with Kevin.

  • Missing

    Kevin was great at helping me understand what exactly the problem is with applying the methodology at out company.

  • 0 rm zucindrp 6rkkms16uhovsgufxjkkmw6euhhqty70rmpxbegjg8ye zrrbv5evsri b96jb3d?1396435082
    Vladimir Jovanović, Serbia

    Help from Kevin exceeded my expectations by far. He listened to all I wanted to share, asked questions to clarify and gave his advice on how to proceed. Then, he referred me to another colleague for further discussion on a specific topic. Great experience!

  • Missing
    Joe Waltman, San Francisco

    Kevin provided some great advice.....very helpful.

  • 0 y g snmlr3gtqcsa bdtszd rx6sn3eaycwsszecx3 yw5gmr5soqvpuzeqpz6wgg8x2vt9gac3c?1397177712
    Benson Garner, Phoenix, Arizona Area

    I've been desperately trying to figure out how to reach enterprise clients but with a limited network it's been a challenge. In 30 minutes Kevin listened to what I was struggling with and was not only a very effective sounding board but also helped me by making personal introductions to four of his closest contacts. If you've hit a rough patch, reach out to Kevin!

  • 0 q6hj9g0x7kdgnjd1nbio9tuasby nzz19kqq9tyatkegwp7pzhrzz3hh fodzxm0zlgfj6gwf15b?1398734323
    Chiara Cokieng, NCR - National Capital Region, Philippines

    I had a bunch of scattered ideas and Kevin helped me clarify my thoughts. And had me going in a focused direction. Plus, he was INCREDIBLY enthusiastic while talking about my project. Building a business can be tiring, and even demoralizing when things aren't going as fast as you want them to... But Kevin injected his excitement into me with his encouragement and advice. Thanks Kevin!!

  • 0 bvdvuw yhldbrfdubk7euicohkhnkedulcjouoamctpk7ao2ipjmze586oew1sh8qnfwnsi8xozz?1398739320
    Scott Bishop, Omaha, Ne

    Kevin was great in helping me get a better understanding of Helpful Marketing. He had some really succinct advice for building trust of your customer base. I highly recommend talking with Kevin.

  • Missing
    Venu Madhav T, India

    He was very good and helped me realise a few things which I had overlooked. Thanks Kevin for the talk!

  • Mike profile pic 2s
    Mike Shin, Austin, TX

    Kevin gave me feedback and advice that was refreshing and insightful. It helped me formulate new questions for my startup that I need to answer.

  • Ryoma profile photo
    Ryoma Machida, Zen Startup

    Kevin was extremely friendly and easy to talk to. He gave me an advice about how to hire a virtual assistant. He spent extra minutes to write me a message with some links that I was looking for.

  • 0 rohwyz mxpa17hamtzdnynhlq bj7wkmtypqyntjmcpdkfbay44b 9zceyfg2ulcajovpaxg7ii7?1399380033
    Shobhit Chugh, High Start Group

    Kevin was incredibly helpful in providing advice on my hypothesis and Interview guide. He shared practical tips and ideas based on years of experience in conducting customer interviews - this will help me save a lot of time and avoid pitfalls that I would have run into, had I not done the call with Kevin. I highly recommend that any Entrepreneur or Product Manager starting on a new product idea talk to Kevin

  • 0 t8jl9va0kcqzzd0x  sv9zfgxb jcumxitds9mu3rcbhhhm0dqddzj4fodifnw7p8 0rjoomwdz3?1399600912
    Zachary Girod, Washington D.C. Metro Area

    Spending 30 minutes with Kevin is time well spent. He is a natural teacher and in a short 30 minute session he will help you refine your thought process. If you need help thinking through your start-up you won't find a better use of 30 minutes than chatting with Kevin.

  • Gb
    Glenn Brien, Directives, Melbourne

    I was very surprised to be able to talk one on one with Kevin. He encouraged me greatly and gave me some very interesting contacts to follow up. Thanks again Kevin and next time you're in Melbourne, give me a call and I'll take you for a surf.

  • 0 olg hdmozrrxckijecykhwejb4afc3ijegwpher3ejvch5qmqis7mo7fmnm4n6gzi6xgfdllnzn4?1399942469
    Lee Schneider, Greater Los Angeles Area

    Kevin is an expert problem-solver for entrepreneurs. He took the time to listen and connect with me, and helped me to find my way in the wild world of startup culture. His network runs deep and wide, and his access to smart people who can help is truly impressive.

  • Missing
    Jill Pollyniak, Boston, MA

    The world has a treasure trove of start-up blogs, info, books, and advisors, but Kevin is the real deal. He's not only thoughtful and insightful, but he's incredibly down-to-earth and relatable. You can't get much better than that.

  • 0 g13ym46 oyanjnbiht 3mu60y0fzanbih z3mu3dtm1ea 8wmzathrvik bbtlnfiri8tp0qqj8a?1399994303
    Vivek Vijaykumar, Greater Chicago Area

    I honestly enjoyed the conversation with Kevin and he was extremely kind on sharing his business wisdom and experience to help point me on the right direction. Keep helping the community Kevin!!

  • Missing
    Mark Dittman, Lincoln, NE

    I really enjoyed the talk, Kevin was very insightful and gave me new direction for my website. I am looking forward to implementing some of his ideas and talking to him again in the future.

  • Profile pic
    Luis de Leon, Jellyhub

    Kevin was very attentive and a great listener, he took all my input and converted it into great advice!, thank you so much for your help Kevin!

  • Passport photo
    Octa Ramayana, Wikasa

    Kevin really understood the situation that we're facing while we build our product. He can be quite fierce while showing you the hard fact, but it makes a really good reality check for me and my team. I really recommend talking with Kevin to save you days or weeks of consumer validation.

  • Missing
    Sandeep, 1degree.co

    I am at the beginning stages of my start-up and as is often the case, I had multiple paths in which I could take the idea forward. Talking with Kevin was extremely helpful in not just hearing a thought-out perspective but more so in prioritizing the best approach going forward. He has a breadth of knowledge, which means I could bounce off so many ideas with Kevin. I would certainly suggest talking with Kevin, irrespective of where you are with your start-up. p.s. Thanks Kevin!

  • Jason
    Jason Silver, Partnershop

    Kevin is a great sounding board for all things startup. Specifically, he's been a great help in working through our customer development and MVP iteration strategies. If you've got questions, Kevin's got answers (or at the very least he knows someone who does)!

  • Missing
    Michael Park, Hong Kong

    Kevin was very helpful in helping me bring my future startup growth plans back to basics and get me to get back to the core of the problem I'm trying to solve. This chat could have been improved if I came to him with better questions as opposed to just laying out my personal situation. His feedback in the context of what I gave him was great, though.

  • 0 ican il a0mkyy6mwzbf e5kmm75tybmdpli wv3l0uvs4kjba3zdd3f8nfsauqvoq1euaw4eevx?1402027253
    Jon Steinbeck, Greater Omaha Area

    Kevin is just full of marketing ideas, enough to find several that will help your business grow no matter what market you're in. His 30 min intro session is exactly what he says it is, free of obligation or pressure, informative, and completely helpful. I encourage anyone to give Kevin a chance to help them & their business.

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    Mike Harrington, Portland, Oregon Area

    Kevin got straight down the nuts and bolts of how to build an audience in today's noisy world of blogs, social media etc. Coming from a place of service and authentic connection with other business owners and entrepreneurs really seems to be the way forward. I'm going to be implementing the advice he gave me, starting today - That's why I'm on SoHelpful!

  • Biopic cx
    Mandy, embright.org

    Thanks Kevin! You clearly walk the Helpful Marketing talk and you gave me some really useful new ideas for how to make my own outreach efforts even more compelling. Plus, you probably just saved me $100's of dollars and tons of time with just one simple recommendation. Thank you!

  • Espree devora
    Espree Devora, SaveBusinessTime.com

    Our call was AWESOME. I wanted to know how to better connect with my community at SaveBusinessTime. It's important that I am true to my company name and save them time, so I asked Kevin how to best do that. He suggested a great friendly approach that will be completely mutually beneficial. Love it.

  • 0 r84qrcvcfba7ume3uhjbrhmhikumude3jb2wrhdkqt7xkwgtbqh4v8gylork4owdv voqbra3sxf?1402759015
    Andrew Dao, San Francisco Bay Area

    Talking to Kevin was great. It's nice to have this human connection and conversation with someone who is truly willing to help. He pointed out a few resources for me to look into further to develop a clearer strategy around customer acquisition and marketing, and then sent a follow up message to make sure I had the resources. Truly a good guy

  • Missing
    Ramzi, Sydney Australia

    Kevin provided me an excellent feedback on my pitch firstly and secondly about my Start up in general. Kevin highlighted a key element which many startup founders like myself go around which is selling to the first users and selling it early! If you need a good "get back on track" call then Kevin is the person to talk to!

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    Tara Roskell, Inspiration Zoo

    It was great talking to Kevin - he put me at ease straight away and helped me think through what direction I could take with my business idea. Thank you

  • Rachel cropped
    Rachel Willmer, Luzme

    I'm really glad I booked the slot with Kevin; I'm just planning my new marketing strategy and want to try this 'Helpful Marketing' idea, I think it could work well. But actually putting it into practice in my business throws up so many questions. I found it really useful to be able to talk it all through with Kevin. He gave me some great insights about where to focus my efforts for best effect, and I'm looking forward to putting this in practice over the next few months. Thanks, Kevin. I'll be signing up for SoHelpful in the near future.

  • Rajasuit square %281%29
    Raja Gulati, Monte Carlo Tailors, Bangkok Thailand

    Kevin has a deep understanding of customer development as a fundamental pillar and the need to be agile and on the court, if you are going to be an internet entrepreneur. He shares his experience openly so you can pick his brain as much as you want

  • 0 oyjmbbvbhtk heepogaobqhbh3imcujpypd6bqbfcbcyghaytzdvjn1d62 l3w4r0g0bzpvy rg0?1405079941
    Andrew Cockerham, Austin, Texas Area

    Very helpful, passionate, and willing to go out of his way to lend a hand!

  • 0 w1fpi2cyjyzq165qfc77imnrmxyil5vqi r imf2qserm3cnlz0rsapgbapq cn4erdg2dmerfd2?1405216589
    Matt Dyor, Greater Seattle Area

    Kevin helped me think about the way to engage with new prospects early in the relationship. Instead of pushing them to use our product, he recommended that we focus on working to understand their challenges. Simple, but effective, advice.

  • 0 uqf0z juy3d2rkw3r6q8zhjto8uirn43mt18zhsj357 x ftc8c198a1rarjzljds5l3bbkcgtpr?1405395312
    Jay Coelho-Donnellan, Greater Los Angeles Area

    Meeting with Kevin was helpful in getting me to focus on the direction I would like to take next in business, and what kind of client to look for and be open to. Kevin is easy to talk with, pleasant, congenial, informative and enthusiastic. Our meeting via Skype was my first personal introduction to Kevin, there wasn't any awkward stumbling in conversation within our first five minutes that can often occur in a first time video chat meeting with someone you don't know; we were actually able to jump right into a conversation effortlessly. I feel it was a beneficial meeting for me and I am grateful. Looking forward to taking part in the So Helpful community and am happy to have been introduced to this platform of service. I recommend talking with Kevin if you have the opportunity to do so. Jay Coelho

  • 0 xgm9lhyrdfj4bw4zxhw5lwatwwdmvowz6lswlwsfnujeemy4exyvwij3bfsb9denl3uho2xaar c?1405576725
    Steve Bennett, Sydney, Australia

    Kevin helped me hone my pitch to investors. He was full of good ideas and within 30 minutes I was both re-energised and armed with new ideas to follow-up on. Kevin is very approachable and an excellent sounding board.

  • Small profile
    David Allan, Acorn Hours

    Kevin kind of blew my mind in this call. He is onto a radically different way of thinking about sales and marketing that combines the best of the Lean movement and modern Psychology. I would highly recommend listening to what he has to say.

  • 0 kmzyhbrbgo pavwo 4v hz fxu5k2p4o r3ihztv8wl81cfepxlkqv6ulgl77nj6lsccfthlhhrn?1406171863
    Brian Caouette, Greater New York City Area

    Kevin was very helpful giving advice on customer development. He sensed some of the challenges I was facing right away and pointed out some potential roadblocks I need to try to avoid. He also followed up with some excellent resources for me to fill the gaps.

  • 0 d5pusv4pqyrw9wcoftykszsxey5xnanofchxsmzgvulzwetet 2bij22krlvzdb62qo5coernwbs?1406597097
    Sean Doyle, Sydney, Australia

    Kevin offers no-nonsense practical startup strategy advice. He helped me refocus on the important stuff. He's very generous with his expertise and his time. Highly recommended.

  • 0 biomh7rkrpvnek8z5uughd26cgozekaz5woah2puhzoxbh6vidvcmuevj1yii rjqhhkfwaextym?1406812669
    Daniel Ternes, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

    I asked Kevin for tactical advice and he gave me a completely new paradigm. Kevin really opened my eyes and explained how marketing has changed in the last decades and what it takes to get attention in 2014. The call gave me a major paradigm shift and I'm sure it will a take another few weeks to completely integrate the new insights into my thinking, but I feel more empowered than ever. Thanks Kevin!

  • Missing
    Mack, Washington, DC

    Kevin is awesome...he was super helpful on giving an overview of startup scenes in Asia, and helped connect me to the right folks in several cities. Thanks Kevin!

  • D0c0fdb4d8869e5e2523959cd019f03b?1409666514
    Paul Cothenet, MadKudu

    Kevin's e-book and online class were incredibly helpful to get our customer development process started. His Helpful Canvas is a fantastic concept and talking with him helped me clarify my assumptions and review my customer development scripts. I would recommend talking to Kevin to anyone who doesn't where and how to get started with customer development.

  • D2c581cd7ea62cb7f79291cc76cd9c2a?1409731032
    Rob Johnson, Munich

    I had a great talk with Kevin about the process of Helpful Marketing. He gave me some good quantitative data about hitting a critical mass of SoHelpful calls and helped me to refine my acquisition strategy.

  • 0 xgm9ld2xiwvczw4zk xdlwo0wwdmvowzqiswlwsfnujeemy4exyvwij3bfsb9denl3uho2pysu c?1409878928
    Melissa Meyer, Greater New York City Area

    I really enjoy Kevin's candidness and genuine desire to help. I have been following Kevin's email course and blog for several weeks now and have found it incredibly compelling. The even more impressive part is his dedication to following his own advice. A role model all around. Thanks again!

  • 10357180 10203652139159510 6944214148490222034 n
    Manish Chiniwalar, Multunus Software, India

    If I learned one thing from Kevin during the call, its about what it means to be *genuinely* helpful. He's also very friendly and funny :). If you're wondering what he helped me with, here's a list: - He heard our story patiently - and then gave us much needed encouragement by validating our approach. - He shared with us "27 trust building offers" - a post he'd written recently - that will help us accelerate progress in our business. - Further he specifically pointed out 4 or 5 of those ideas that he felt were most useful for us. What struck me as amazing though, is his ability to infuse you with so much positive energy - something that us entrepreneurs can never have enough of.

  • E6f90a010a010474de0d3d26d7e9c089?1414716798
    Seth Shore, Pittsburgh

    Kevin gave me fantastic feedback on my project. He was encouraging but didn't pull any punches. He helped me identify some potential risks that I had not considered. I definitely recommend talking with him.

  • 009
    Tung Tran, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

    Kevin was a great person to talk to. His energy and passion about the product is amazing. Sohelpful is definitely a great product!

  • 0 u ffg4zofplonotsatg4gsdflsgw9wtsmcrzgse7vx9sddnvh50iuvptiqcvvm8ns8djdjvvx7 m?1423176170
    Susan Hesselgrave, Style with Susan

    Kevin, thank you for the advice you gave me regarding how to leverage sohelpful.me with a CRM. I also appreciated your insights about the various CRM apps that are out there, and what might best fit my business model. You are a wealth of information, and so easy to talk to! I am recommending sohelpful.me to all my associates in private practice who rely on social proof and referral marketing. Susan

  • 0 ycazetsti2olr0he 1zu85486skrr7o4p89usfj8cmglyxhzq1zzqtpt5paroydeoqszu3r37usajwqqcaid8qadouskjwk4nai9wbxh3szpcgxk48gzi1oaeab8nw1djt7j2jojdqt?1436373540
    Shoeb Chandoo, Kenya

    I actually feel like a true idiot, Kevin really jogged and jived on the latent part of my brain. The Helpful Marketing Strategy advice in an incredibly useful insight into the future of marketing. Seriously take the Free Course, and YES do take to read it. I recommend talking with Kevin to help improve your business.

  • 0 ubeyu6cuzj2fj8qhmtusu5xazgog0lchjzy3u59obzo htheclstglcrn1ejyg9xsne8 ghkzb4b?1447155343
    Kevin Dewalt, China

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